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Burkina Faso

What data is expected?

Data should include maps of lands with parcel layer and display parcel boundaries in addition to a land registry with information on transactions of parcels of land. The assessment criteria were developed in collaboration with Cadasta Foundation. For more information on land ownership datasets and where they're located, see Cadasta Foundation's Data Overview](

  • Types of cadastre
  • Transaction history of parcel
  • Parcel boundaries
  • Parcel location
  • Data available for the entire country
  • None of the above

How open is the data?

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Question Answer Comment
Available free of charge No
Publicly available No
Openly licenced No
Up-to-date No
In an open and machine-readable format Internal digital records are available
Digital data No Only the extractive land information are sometime made available on demand
Print data No It's not possible for individuals to access the data.
Collected by government Yes
findable_steps Have a phone call to request some information from the direction, responsable of the land adminsitration
characteristics None of the above The originals owner of the land are not registered most of the time
Controlled access No
Collector name La Direction Générale de l’urbanisme et des Travaux Fonciers (DGUTF), Geographic Institute of Burkina, l'Observatoire National du Foncier au Burkina Faso

The original researcher said data is available as digital records but cannot be requested and is only available for internal use. Mining data apparently is available on request, but the researcher also could not access this data. Therefore we assume that no data is made available to the public at the moment. Rural land rights: The “loi 034-2009 portant régime foncier rural” transfers management of land rights to rural communities. This means rural land rights are managed in local offices. USAID for example ran a project to set up local offices to issue land rights. Data in rural areas is not fully collected, but projects have been done in the past to collect ownership information and management systems For land rights in cities, there is La Direction Générale de l’urbanisme et des Travaux Fonciers (DGUTF). No register can be found though. Parcel information cannot be found from Geographic Institute of Burkina: Another organisation called l'Observatoire National du Foncier au Burkina Faso helps to produce, collect, and use land information for decision-making on local and national levels but also here no data is available.

Meta data

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