National Statistics 45% open


What data is expected?

Key national statistics on demographic and economic indicators.

  • Gross Domestic Product
  • Consumer Price Index
  • Trade statistics of import and export
  • Foreign aid
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • National employment rate
  • Birth and death statistics
  • National population census
  • None of the above

How open is the data?

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Question Answer Comment
Available free of charge Yes
Downloadable Yes
Publicly available Yes
Openly licenced No
Up-to-date No Not all data is updates as frequently as required. See indicator comments
In an open and machine-readable format
location - GDP, - CPI, - Trade stats, - Employment stats, - Vital stats, href=""">rel="nofollow"> - Census * GDP available in PDF * CPI available in PDF * Trade stats available as PDF and outdated * Employment stats available as PDF - last update June 2017 * Vital stats report (PDF) include registry stats as well as census - 2016 * census data available on data portal
Collected by government Yes
findable_steps Initially a search for the national statistics office - most of the links there no longer worked. I received feedback about from the country researcher and for a while it wasn't available, but is now accessible again
characteristics Gross Domestic Product, Consumer Price Index, Trade statistics of import and export, National employment rate, Birth and death statistics, National population census
Controlled access Yes
Collector name Central Statistics Office, Statistics Botswana Statistics Botswana is a parastatal organization charged with responsibilities of collecting and disseminating all official statistics in Botswana. The autonomy of the organisation was realised under the Statistics Act of 2009, repealing the archaic 1967 Act, under which Central Statistics Office was formed.

Meta data

Data location - GDP - CPI - Trade stats - Employment stats - Vital stats - Census
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