Infrastructural data 45% open


What data is expected?

A selection of infrastructural information, focussing on energy provision and water consumption.

  • Electricity consumption
  • Power stations and electric capacity
  • Electricity transmission networks (geographic position)
  • Power outages
  • Prices
  • Water consumption/per capita
  • None of the above

How open is the data?

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Question Answer Comment
Available free of charge Yes
Downloadable Yes
Publicly available Yes
Openly licenced No
Up-to-date No Figures are only available until 2013
In an open and machine-readable format HTML
location - Reference is the Annual Statistical report by Cameroon’s NSO
Collected by government Yes
findable_steps I verified via Open Data Watch's ODIN results There is a ministry in charge of electricity and water, but its website is not working. I have not been able to find it.
characteristics Electricity consumption, Power stations and electric capacity, Power outages Reference is the Annual Statistical report by Cameroon’s NSO: Energy prices: Location of energy transmission grid (only length of transmission grid provided) Water consumption data: Camwater does not provide water consumption data, but provides some information on future water production capacity for planned projects → I verified with site searches using [“” AND consommation“]
Controlled access Yes
Collector name ENEO Cameroon, National Statistics Agency, Ministry of Water Resources and Energy of Cameroon (Ministère de l’Eau et de l’Energie, MINEE), EDC, SONATREL Eneo Cameroon is the contractor delivering electricity services for the government. Cameroon’s NSO issues statistical records, gathering data from MINEE and CDE. see here: Data is outdated and from 2015. ENEO Cameroun S.A. is the historical electricity operator (formerly known as AES SONEL) and was granted a monopoly over transmission and distribution throughout Cameroon. It is a semi-public company with British private equity firm Actis acquiring a majority stake of 56% in 2014 with the remaining 44% held by the Cameroonian State. EDC Electricity Development Corporation (EDC) EDC is a state company managing the public assets in the electricity sector, including the construction and operation of all hydroelectric projects in the country. SONATREL: National Electricity Transmission Company (Société Nationale de Transport de l’Électricité, SONATREL) SONATREL was established in October 2015 as a state-owned administrator and operator of Cameroon’s transmission network. Once the transfer of all transmission assets (currently owned by ENEO Cameroun S.A.) is completed, SONATREL will manage, develop and maintain the national transmission grid, including its interconnections with neighbouring countries.

Meta data

Data location - Reference is the Annual Statistical report by Cameroon’s NSO
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Data format   Unknown
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Submitters   Charlie Martial NGOUNOU
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