Land Ownership 10% open


What data is expected?

Data should include maps of lands with parcel layer and display parcel boundaries in addition to a land registry with information on transactions of parcels of land. The assessment criteria were developed in collaboration with Cadasta Foundation. For more information on land ownership datasets and where they're located, see Cadasta Foundation's Data Overview](

  • Types of cadastre
  • Transaction history of parcel
  • Parcel boundaries
  • Parcel location
  • Data available for the entire country
  • None of the above

How open is the data?

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Question Answer Comment
Available free of charge No
Publicly available No
Openly licenced No
Up-to-date No
In an open and machine-readable format Other
Digital data No
Print data No
Collected by government Yes
findable_steps Data easily found using common keywords in Arabic and French "Algerie cadastre".
characteristics Types of cadastre, Transaction history of parcel, Parcel boundaries, Parcel location, Data available for the entire country
Controlled access No
Collector name Agence nationale du cadastre ANC is agency to expand cadastre. Not all territory is mapped:
Data is considered not to be available to the public since it could not be successfully requested. Algeria started investing in mapping Cadastres in early 2000s (World Bank program). Cadastre works with land register to “reconcile” cadastral records with land protection. Land conservation and property rights are regulated by this law: (conservation foncierès) ANC is agency to expand cadastre. Not all territory is mapped: Cadastre types: Cadastres are listed as “urban & rural”. The website provides a list of cadastre types but samples are not accessible This suggests data is indeed produced by ANC but only partially. No transaction history found - these transactions between property owners seem to be managed by Land conservation directions who operate on Wilaya-level, on behalf of Algeria’s Ministry of Finance. For example, for the Wilaya Batna, we found this agency to manage property rights: Parcel ownership seems to be locally collected, whilst cadastres are organised on a country level. Yet cadastres are unavailable for the entire country. Parcel location: No geographic location could be found. Geographic location would require longitude and latitude values. Data can be requested online, but requires that requesting person submits a sample of the data Citizens can request what is called in Algeria the pink document (document rose) PR4Bis in the whole country ( , and this document is a must to be able to publish the deeds of ownership. Without this nobody can buy and sell lands.

Meta data

Data location   Unknown
Data licence   Unknown
Data format   Other
Reviewer   Danny Lämmerhirt
Submitters   Hatem Ben Yacoub
Last modified   Fri May 25 2018 23:40:17 GMT+0000 (UTC)