Infrastructural data 30% open


What data is expected?

A selection of infrastructural information, focussing on energy provision and water consumption.

  • Electricity consumption
  • Power stations and electric capacity
  • Electricity transmission networks (geographic position)
  • Power outages
  • Prices
  • Water consumption/per capita
  • None of the above

How open is the data?

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Question Answer Comment
Available free of charge Yes
Downloadable No Only geographic locations of energy grid are downloadable, not the prices
Publicly available Yes
Openly licenced No
Up-to-date No Nampower publishes records on energy consumption from 2016.
In an open and machine-readable format transmission network data provided in GeoJSON
location - Energy Consumption, - Network Namwater doesn't have data on it's website but I have requested them to direct me, where i can get the data. Moreover, also found data on water consumption in Namibia from FAO
Collected by government Yes
findable_steps I have searched online and contacted the relevant authorities
characteristics Power stations and electric capacity, Electricity transmission networks (geographic position), Prices Electricity consumption: (only business report available from NamPower with total units sold in 2016 Original researcher couldn't find or get anything for water consumption except records from FAO and world bank
Controlled access Yes However, for water consumption you need to request it from the ministry.
Collector name Nampower, Namwater, NamPower: “The Namibian market currently operates on a Single Buyer Model whereby NamPower is the generator as well as the single buyer of electricity. The power utility Nampower is seeking alternative power generation sources. Nampower has therefore embarked upon various projects aimed at ensuring that the country has a reliable supply of electricity.” Source.

Meta data

Data location - Energy Consumption - Network
Data licence   Unknown
Data format   Unknown
Reviewer   Danny Lämmerhirt
Submitters   Amugongoamech L
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