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What data is expected?

Data should include maps of lands with parcel layer and display parcel boundaries in addition to a land registry with information on transactions of parcels of land. The assessment criteria were developed in collaboration with Cadasta Foundation. For more information on land ownership datasets and where they're located, see Cadasta Foundation's Data Overview](

  • Types of cadastre
  • Transaction history of parcel
  • Parcel boundaries
  • Parcel location
  • Data available for the entire country
  • None of the above

How open is the data?

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Question Answer Comment
Available free of charge No
Publicly available No
Openly licenced No
Up-to-date No
In an open and machine-readable format
Digital data No
Print data No
Collected by government Yes
findable_steps LGAF
characteristics None of the above
Controlled access No
Collector name Ministry of Land Housing and Development
Cadastral information is only in some parts of the country available and seems to be highly patchy and inaccurate. Cadastral data (also from specific cadastres such as mining) is only available upon registration by registered licensees of mining licences and not available to the public. Ministry of Land Housing and Development: provides land administration services Most land in Tanzania is not documented. However, non-documentary evidence is accepted especially physical occupation or evidence from neighbours or local and traditional leaders. Most of private land lots in both rural and urban areas are not registered. There are around 500,000 entries in the land registry nationwide (the Land Registry is not exactly sure), although the potential registrable land lots are estimated to be over 8 million. The registered lots will in most cases have a deed plan which shows the boundaries and area of the registered lot and neighbouring lots. However, this is not readily identifiable on a map. In rural areas, the situation is the same with CCROs granted so far being around 300000 countrywide. Data on CCROs is not liked to a map (spatial data). There is an enormous task to improve the coverage and usefulness of the land registry since less than 50% of records for privately held land registered in the registry are readily identifiable in maps in the registry or cadastre.: See LGAF report, page 83

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