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What data is expected?

All tenders and awards of the national/federal government aggregated by office. Do not consider procurement planning or other procurement phases. Open procurement data may enable fairer competition among companies, allow to detect fraud, as well as deliver better services for governments and citizens. The Index draws on work from the Open Contracting Partnership.

  • Tender name & description
  • Tender status
  • Award announcement
  • Value of the award
  • Supplier's name
  • Available per national government office
  • None of the above

How open is the data?

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Question Answer Comment
Available free of charge Yes
Downloadable Yes The portal has procurment plans by each government agency, tender notices, evaluated bids, signed contracts, suspended bidders, and an open data section where one can search any procurement process
Publicly available Yes The data is available by year and is downloadable in excel. This has been an extension of the PPDA Act. The Public Procurement And Disposal Of Public Assets Act, of 2003 established the Public Procurement And Disposal of Public Assets Authority to formulate policies and regulate practices in respect of public procurement and disposal activities and other connected matters. Among the PPDA guidelines is that the body is mandated by law to all procurement-related information to the public on a website, in newspapers and on noticeboards by each procuring agency. E.g Roads
Openly licenced No There is no notice on the website that the data is licensed, or a disclaimer on use, which suggests that anyone can use the data
Up-to-date Yes The PPDA data portal is surprisingly up todate. Given the scandals that arose for years in this sector, and the fact that it was subjected to several judicial inquires over time, the PPDA is one of the few public agencies in Uganda which strive to be transparent.
In an open and machine-readable format JSON, XLS Bid notices are available for download in PDF such as this one However, mojority datasets on awarded tenders, and the amounts and contractors are available in Excel and JSON
location - PPDA open data portal
Collected by government Yes The government has the 'Government Procurement Portal' (GPP), and open data site that has information on procurement process in all government agencies. Sometimes certain MDAs also publish their own procurement data
findable_steps Browsing of the PPDA website, The Government Procurement Portal ( is separate from the main PPDA website which has general procurnemt information but a link to the portal is present at the home page. At the home of the procurement portal is an open data link which takes you to the searchable database of bidding documents, downloadble in excel
characteristics Tender name & description, Tender status, Award announcement, Value of the award, Supplier's name, Available per national government office Even though by law every Ministry, department or Agency of the government is supposed to make procurement information public, some do not comply in a timely manner
Controlled access Yes
Collector name Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA) Some MDAs however publish their own procurement data. For example the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) collaboration with the Anti-Corruption Coalition Uganda (ACCU), Office of the Prime Minister and with support from UNDP, Seoul Policy Centre and the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) are piloting the clean construction open data system in selected infrastructure investments in the City as one of its Citizens Accountability initiatives. Code-named 'USER', Uganda System for Electronic open data Records, it publishes data on all infrastructure projects going on in the city, and who the contractors are, and a chanel for city residents to raise complaints on progress, quality, etc.

Meta data

Data location - PPDA open data portal
Data licence   Unknown
Data format   JSON, XLS
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Submitters   Bernard Sabiti
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